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The One Box

High End Managed All-in-One Server for Small to Medium Businesses

The ONE Box has been engineered for start up and established businesses to provide critical  applications and services along with the security needed to protect your business.  This is a cost effective all-in-one solution, ONE Box can provide you with everything you need to get your business up and running or add to your existing infrastructure.


Many businesses underestimate the effectiveness of their security making them easier for cyber attacks to target. Exploiting companies with less secure network has become even more prevalent today. The ONE Box is your solution to help protect from viruses, trojans, malware and emerging threats. This box has been  specifically engineered to help defend against attacks. Keeping your business secure and reducing downtime.



Need additional capacity? The ONE Box can be upgraded to add on additional users as your company grows. The One box can also be upgraded to provided redundancy by adding a second ONE BOX possibly at the same location or at a satellite office.



The ONE Box is installed by the Guru making sure that all of the necessary services and applications are integrated and ready to meet your business needs.



The one box is managed and monitored by the One Stop I.T. Guru making sure that the ONE Box is always up-to-date and ready to handle any and all emerging threats



· Gigabit Ethernet ports provide the fastest connection to both your network and your ISP.


· Latest generation multi-core processors provide the power necessary to effectively run all the ONE BOX applications.


· Protects your network from outside threats and provides remote access and satellite office connectivity.


· Email server allows you to host your own email.


· A professional phone system with features such as automated attendant, voice mail, Interactive Voice Response and many others.


· Keep your files safe with the build in backup, our files will be protect in the event of corruption/encryption or accidental deletion.


· One shared location for your team to store files and collaborate


· Applications to help share files and receive files from others outside your network.

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